About Us


The journey of Kadaknath Agro World started when I first tasted Kadaknath Chicken at my friend's house and absolutely loved the taste. Right after I went back home, I started my research about the breed, and came across its special nutritional benefits which makes it stand apart.

When I witnessed the benefits myself, was when I got totally convinced of the nutritional claim about Kadaknath. I realized how important it is to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, only after having spent quite a few years following an unhealthy lifestyle & erratic food habits. I have experienced a positive change in my health and fitness after regular consumption of Kadaknath Eggs & Chicken.

Another person whom I had witnessed having benefited, was my beloved mother, who suffered from prolonged illness. A diet comprising of Kadaknath eggs helped her gain strength and cope with her condition better.

Our team is committed to serve the customers with quality products and services.

Wishing everyone a healthy & happy life.


(MD - Kadaknath Agro World)